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'Fireproof': the action packed quality film that matches anything TV has to offer. Set in the life and death world of US firefighters, this exciting and highly enjoyable film has plot twists, high octane action and a lot of lessons along the way.

Living his life as a fire hero by the rule of ‘never leave your partner behind’, fire fighter Caleb Holt faces the reality that in his marriage he’s done precisely that. Now he has to work out how to be a hero at home as well as at work. Fireproof is a Hollywood style action film for the whole family but with the added depth a life changing message.

Fireproof - action DVD with a lot to say

The ‘love dares all’ theme plunges the hero into the another life and death world - the consequences living your life by your own rules. As his world tears apart, he is forced to face the question ‘what would you dare?’

‘Fireproof is an incredible journey that displays that love is never lost.’

‘...a must see Christian film and one of the best of its kind.’



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