The Grace Card DVD - it's not justice we need, it's grace

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Not just another cop flick, The Grace Card is a faith based action movie with a voice that speaks without preaching.

Set in the heat and racial tensions of the Southern States, hard-bitten Memphis cop, Mac McDonald is still grieving the tragic loss of his son when he gets a new patrol partner in pastor’s son Sgt Sam Wright.

The Grace Card - ‘It’s not justice we need, it’s grace.’

Now on DVD, the Graceworks Pictures independent Christian film rides with Mac McDonald (Michael Joiner) on his journey through the pain and bitterness that’s eroding his family. Mike’s new patrol partner, Sgt Sam Wright (Mike Higgenbottom) is the rising star of the Memphis Police who never wanted to be a cop and only joined to feed his family.

The Grace Card - cinema success now on DVD

As the two men face the dangers of law enforcement on the Memphis streets, the realities of their separate inner hurts endanger their working partnership. Will Mac’s eighteen years of bitterness and Sam’s uneasiness in his role as a cop drive them apart or into mutual dependence and restoration?

With Mac’s son killed by a drug dealer and Sam’s life redirected from his heartfelt calling, both feel the need for justice and retribution. But is this enough, or is there a ‘grace card’ that can bring them both back to the truth of the men they were meant to be and the lives they were meant to live.



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The Grace Card DVD - it's not justice we need, it's grace Discussion

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