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Give It All to Him

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For individuals and churches, here is a beautiful story of a Savior who can take all our garbage on his shoulders - and amazingly, still stand!

In addition to this story, Max explains in easy-to-understand language what Christ did for us and how to turn in our old baggage and exchange it for new life in him.

In this story a woman gives her garbage of shame to the trashman; an old man hands over his heavy bag of regrets.

Hundreds walk to the landfill and find it filled with trash.

'Give it to me. Tomorrow. At the landfill. Will you bring it?' He rubs a moist smudge from her cheek with his thumb and stands. "Friday. The landfill."

"You can't live with this," he explains. "You weren't made to."

A moving story for Easter evangelism--by best-selling author Max Lucado. This story, excerpted from Next Door Savior, will become the Easter giveaway book for churches next spring - in the vein of He Did This Just for You.