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Lumen Communion Wafers (Pack of 1000)

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Our premium package is made of PETE plastic, ensuring a clear, rigid, recyclable container while offering a complete hermetic seal, protection of freshness, protection against tampering and damage, with easy opening, dispensing and resealing. Store in a cool dry place and away from extremes in cold, heat and humidity. Remember this is a food product and needs to be stored as such. We recommend using within 1 year but since this is a dry and stable product, it can never spoil. Only wheat flour and water is used to produce this altar bread. Our facility does not bake or package any other product so there is no chance of cross contamination possible. No baking sprays are utilized, so this bread is 100% wheat flour and water. Approximately 1000 wafers. Net weight: 5 oz. Container size: 4\" x 4\" x 9.75.\"