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No Wimps or Weaklings Allowed: How Tough Guys Become Strong Men

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Most men are raised, taught, and shown how to be tough.

Tough guys are all over the movie screens or in our sports arenas and leave us wanting to emulate their toughness. We were taught early on to rub some dirt on it, to shake it off, and that real men don't cry-much less show weakness. To succeed in this world, you gotta be tough and thick-skinned.

I followed that model most of my life.

As a Dallas police officer, I was tough, but was I strong? I began to notice a difference in some of the men I admired and wanted to emulate. There was a strength in them that I didn't have.

So I asked myself, "What's the difference between being a tough guy and a strong man?"

In the pages of this book, I present ten differences between being tough versus being strong.

I hope you can find your strength and maybe lay down some of your toughness as you read and go through the study guide.