National Day of Prayer and Worship Review

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Top musicians and leaders led a stadium half-full of church members for a memorable event in the Christian calendar.

National Day of Prayer

(c) Brodie Robertson

Wembley Stadium shook with waves of passion and purpose. A sea of believers gathered from across the country for this momentous occasion for the body of Christ. The Holy Spirit lifted the congregation from every denomination to new levels of fervent prayer and powerful praise.

The cream of Christian musicians including: Graham Kendrick, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Noel Robinson, Hillsong, Sonnie Badu and Godfrey Birtill led well-known songs. Traditionalists were not disappointed when the Salvation Army Band stepped in the centre, but it would be unfair to pick anyone out for special praise.

One of the highlights was a Mexican Wave of worship which encircled the stadium over and over again, almost interrupting the programme, as banner and flag waving dancers did their thing.

Hardly a bum was left on a seat for rousing renditions of "Everlasting God", "Our God", "Light of the World" and "Shine Jesus Shine", to name but a few.

Jonathan Oloyede, Convenor of the National Day of Prayer and Worship, said: "Today marks the partial fulfilment of a number of dreams and visions I've received from the Lord. Early in the nineties, I was granted a vision where thousands were gathered in a massive stadium. The atmosphere was filled with worship as we awaited the Lord's arrival. The stadium was Wembley even though it didn't have the twin towers."

"The Lord said "when my people gather, I am the one who speaks." And there was no doubt that he spoke to the hearts of everyone present at The National Day of Prayer and Worship at the weekend at Wembley.

The programme was slick and focused around The Lord's Prayer and the crowd wept in repentance for our Nation for the anti-Christian things that have been happening.

Wembley Stadium

(c) Brodie Robertson

Prayers were offered up for the Government, leaders and the Royal family, youth, children and every community or organisation represented or brought to mind. A young convert, who had been stabbed four times, said a powerful prayer for Britain's young people and it was touching when children from different nations prayed in their own language for their peers.

Hearts were warmed to see scores of teenagers with red sweatshirts embossed with The Lord's Prayer on their sleeves, encircle the pitch.

The founder of Kingdom Faith, Colin Urquhart, a world-wide known minister of the Gospel, led the Christians gathered in prayers asking for a fresh in-filling of the Holy Spirit for everyone and it was clear to see that many were not disappointed.

A venue, which is usually which is the usual haunt for football fans and pop idols became freshly hallowed ground.

I've been to many Christian events, but few have moved my soul and given me a new boost of encouragement as much as this.

After the last anthems were raised, the music may have quietened, but everyone went home with spirits soaring and a new song of zest for the Lord in their hearts.

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Sally said...
October 1st, 2012 at 3:02PM • Reply

A great day was had by all and watch out for our prayers being answered.

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