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Bedtime Stories for Kids: An Award-Winning Collection of Short Stories Helping Kids and Children to Fall Asleep, Becoming More Intelligent and Make Go

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Do you want to learn tales that help toddlers and children fall asleep fast, have beautiful dreams and a good relaxing night?

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When we first hear about meditation, what are some of the thoughts that come to our heads? We think about someone who uses this to help them to deal with anxiety, lower their blood pressure, and even to deal with depression and stress. But did you know that meditation is something that can be used with children as well?

We all want children who are happy and healthy. Teaching kids how to do meditation can give them a big start to accessing some of the many benefits that show up with meditation. Even though kids today are showing higher levels of restlessness, anxiety, and stress than ever before, less than two percent of children are going to practice some form of meditation.

Despite these figures, there are a number of studies that suggest that children who practice mindfulness and meditation tend to develop some positive traits such as better self-control, better attentiveness when it comes to being in class, and more respect and empath for those around them. And meditation could be a good way for your child to learn how to manage many conditions like hyperactivity, ADHD, depression, and stress.

While we do not want to force children to meditate all of the time or they will start to have some aversions to it, many kids do have a natural feel for it, and it can provide them with some positive benefits. Remember that most of the time, younger children are not going to be burdened by as many barriers, preconceptions, or biases as parents, which is going to help them to succeed with their awareness.

There has not been a lot of general research about the effects of mindfulness of kids who started with this when they turn into adults; meditation in the classroom is something that has gotten a ton of attention recently. One of the initiatives for this is the Compassionate Schools Project which is happening in Kentucky and impacting around 20,000 kids. This is a whole curriculum that is meant to help improve the way that children learn, both emotionally and mentally as well. And it includes meditation and other similar mindfulness techniques for the students who are on it.

In one other study done in the San Francisco school system with the partnership with the Center for Wellness and Achievement in Education, was enough to convince even skeptics that the effort to provide training of mindfulness to children was worth it. In a four-year time period, suspensions reportedly decreased by more than 70 percent academic performance increased, and everyone was happy about it as well.

Even if your school district is not providing this kind of thing to your child, it is still important for us to add in some mindfulness with our children.

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