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Bible Reading - Psalm 119:97-112 a talk by Rev Alistair Begg

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Bible Reading - Psalm 119:97-112 is a Rev Alistair Begg talk recorded at Keswick Convention - 2017 on Bible Interpretation available as CD format.

Fitting with the Convention theme of Captivated: Hearing God's Word, the first four Bible Readings by Alistair Begg on the Psalms bring a different angle on engaging with God's Word. Psalm 19 celebrates the God who speaks. Psalm 1 spells out the blessings for one who meditates on God's Word; Psalm 119:97-112 famously delights in God's Word as a lamp and light; Psalm 130 looks at God's Word as the foundation for hope, even for a person in the depths. The final Bible Reading, on Psalm 100, will encourage us in light of all that we have considered in the previous mornings to return to our local fellowships in a spirit of praise and thankfulness in the awareness of God's steadfast love, affirmed in His unerring Word.