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Certificate of Baptism: Pack of 20

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This attractive card, showing the Dove of the Holy Spirit, provides a record of baptism as well as outlining the duties of parents and Godparents.

Used by many Anglican churches.

The Certificate reads;
This child has begun life as a Christian: it is the duty of the parents and godparents to see that _________ goes on accordingly to this beginning.

And is
trained to pray and taught the Christian faith,
trained in Christian habits as soon as possible,
encouraged to attend church by personal example,
helped to be brought to confirmation.

Early teaching and early training in good habits should lead to early confirmation. Your child will then be able to approach God's altar and receive the bread of life. Going out into the world at the end of childhood, the child will have formed the habit of prayer and the use of God's holy sacraments, to give strength in temptation and protection from evil.

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