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Christianity, vs The Covid-10 Pandemic

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What are the answers to the questions we now face about our mortality, truth, life after death, life in the middle of trama, isolation, depression and even hope? This book discusses basic questions you have about Christianity like what does it really mean to be a Christian? How do I receive God's forgiveness? Can I really have assurance of my salvation through Christ? What does it mean to have fellowship with God? Tempations and trials exist in my life, how do I deal with them? What is meditation for a Christian? My conscience is killing me, how do I clear my conscience? I hate myself and what I've done, how can I have a good self-image? What is God's vision for the world right now? I hear people talking about the Lordship of Christ, what does that really mean? Is Prayer real? Why is the Bible so important to Christians? I would like to witness to others but how do I do it? Is the second coming of Christ really going to happen? I hear people claiming promises from the Bible, what it that all about? What is personal holiness for someone like me? All of these topics are discussed in depth with lots of Bible references. In addition, there are practical helps about how to study and read the Bible for yourself.