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COVID-19 and the CHURCH: Was the Christian Church the Intended Target or... Simply Collateral Damage?

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"COVID-19 and the CHURCH" provides the perfect balance of information on pandemics, and their connection to the Christian church, and to the world. This powerful book talks about how, when bad things happen, there are so many people who fail to understand the "why." People worldwide are wondering why so many good people have been struck down by deadly diseases. It answers one of the top questions of the times, "Why are so many good people are dying right along with the bad?" This book gets to the heart of the matter of fallen Christian church leaders, and whether or not (when Disaster strikes) God is trying to send a message to the church. It brings understanding to what happens when our church idols fall. The book even addresses the two witnesses mentioned in Revelation who will have the power to attack Earth with any plague of their choosing. And, "they will be able to attack whenever, and as often they desire." The book also gives a sobering report from the book of Revelation, concerning the dread that seven (7) angels on a mission, will release upon the world.