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Devotion to St. Anthony of Padua: The Novena of Nine Tuesdays and Prayers in His Honor

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This book contains prayers and devotions dedicated to the memory of Saint Anthony of Padua, a Franciscan priest who travelled widely and was renowned for his charisma and spiritual depth.

Originally written in German centuries ago, this collection of litanies and prayers provide the reader with context into the significance and events of St. Anthony’s life. The adventures which characterized his motions from wandering contemplator of faith, to popular public preacher of renown, are not detailed beyond the introduction – rather the reader is treated to a happy consequence of his tireless efforts to preach the word of God; the many devotions that were written in his name.

The piety inspired by St. Anthony is in ample evidence; his preaching drew crowds of thousands and ignited great fervor in the peoples of Northern Italy, in and around the city of Padua. Anthony’s early death at the age of thirty-six was met with great sorrow and mourning. The Catholic church commissioned a series of devotional passages to his memory, that his name be saluted and celebrated for centuries to follow. The frequent miracles performed at Anthony of Padua’s gravesite led his friend in life, Pope Gregory IX, to confer the status of Saint upon him.