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For You and For Many

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For You and For Many explores The Lord's Supper as the heart of worship, instituted by Christ himself, uniting us with countless generations across the centuries right back to the Apostles and that poignant final meal in the upper room. It is a feast like no other - a mere taste and sip - yet it is able to nourish as nothing else can begin to. We may have shared it innumerable times before; it doesn't matter: the broken bread and poured-out wine continue to speak in a way that captures the heart and stirs the imagination.

Can anything new be added to this most powerful of sacraments? Of course not, but the riches it conveys need to be brought out afresh to every generation. This book is offered as a contribution towards that end. Designed for those leading worship, it is a comprehensive resource covering the various aspects of the Lord's Supper: words of invitation, acclamation and celebration; prayers of approach, praise, confession, thanksgiving, intercession and dismissal; Scripture sentences offering assurance of forgiveness, bringing promise and encouragement, or reminding us of the institution of the Supper itself; and, finally, blessings for the close of worship. The units can be used flexibly: selected from just certain sections or put together from every one as seems appropriate.