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Give Me This Mountain

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During her mission to Congo, Dr. Helen Roseveare was given a piece of advice that would prove valuable to her as a successful missionary: "If you can only show us Doctor Helen, you might as well go home. The people need to see Jesus."

Give Me This Mountain is a missionary autobiography by Dr. Helen Roseveare. In the 1940's, Helen graduated in medicine from University of Cambridge. She became a well-known missionary and was particularly respected for her work as part of the Heart of Africa Mission in Congo.

During her time in Congo, Helen established a medical centre for locals and also assisted the churches of Congo before its independence. "Give Me This Mountain" tells Helen's remarkable story as a missionary in Congo - from playing cricket in the ladies university side to her terrifying five months as a hostage in terrorist hands.

The author provides a refreshing and honest account for those who are under the impression that missionaries are saints who have received "the call from God." Helen admits that she almost failed missionary school due to her pride, stubbornness, know-it-all attitude, and inability to work with others. With an appropriate sense of humour, Helen discusses why such attributes made her a liability and how she overcame these flaws.

During her time in Congo, physical dangers and personal flaws almost put an end to Helen's missionary ambition. The book discusses how her strong faith and hard work brought her through difficult times. Her story is one of bright mountains, conquered after experiencing the dark valleys and learning to give the glory to God.