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God Made you Special : Veggie Tales DVD

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God made you special, and He loves you very much! It's not just a catchy phrase we use, rather a biblical reality that is lived out each and every day in the lives of God's people.

GOD MADE YOU SPECIAL is a landmark collection of four VeggieTales stories on one DVD that focus on helping your kids understand they are special just the way God made them.

Join Bob, Larry and all the VeggieTales friends in a landmark collection of stories that help kids learn about;

"Dave and the Giant Pickle"
A shepherd boy realises that little guys can do big things too.

"The Gourds Must Be Crazy"
A trip to outer space helps the Veggies learn to appreciate the differences in others.

"A Snoodle's Tale"
A self-conscious Snoodle realises the way God sees him is the only thing that matters, and all the Veggies are reminded of their uniqueness.

And the all new...

"Bob's Vacation"

Filled with laughs, music, over 70 minutes of fun and lots of surprises, God Made You Special is sure to be a favourite of VeggieTales fans everywherewith 3 bestselling VeggieTales episodes, 2 Silly Songs and 1 brand new story! AND... a Bonus feature including 45 minutes of VeggieTales fans sharing how they came to understand that God loves them very much!

Region 2 DVD will play on UK DVD players.