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God, Science and the Bible

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Carefully researched and organized, God, Science and the Bible tackles head-on hard questions that relate to some of the most debated aspects of creation and the Christian faith. Along with new insights into the argument of design for the existence of God and the viability of the theory of evolution, Page adds his own compelling experiences of God's reality. Anyone who wants to know how the Bible's teaching stands up to questions about the age of the earth, the flood, fossils, carbon dating, ancient trees, etc., will find all the answers here The author is a professional member of the Institute of Wood Science and of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

 God, Science and the Bible presents in a straightforward way the truth about: - the big bang theory - the theory of evolution - the age of the universe - Noah's flood - the fossil record - the age of trees and answers the questions: - Does God exist? - Is the Bible true? - Did Jesus really live, die and return to life? - Can we live for ever, and if so, how?