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Heartless: Tales of Goldstone Wood

From début author Anne Elisabeth Stengl comes Heartless, a fairy tale of love, courage and trust. Heartless tells the story of Princess Una of Parumvir who has come of age and is soon to be married. Una dreams of a charming and handsome Prince, but when her suitor arrives, she finds him boring and stubborn. Prince Aethelbald has travelled far from the mysterious land of Farthestshore to prove his love for Una. But he also brings hushed warnings of impending danger, for a dragon is approaching Parumvir. Despite Aethebalds offer, Una is smitten instead with a more dashing Prince and she chooses to ignore his warnings. When the Dragon King himself enters Parumvir, Una, who unwisely gave away her heart, finds her self in mortal danger. Only those with the courage to risk everything have a hope of fighting off the advancing evil. Heartless is a fantastic light Christian fantasy and an impressive first novel from Anne Elisabeth Stengl.

A Bit About Anne Elisabeth Stegnl

Anne is a proud reader and talented writer living in North Carolina in America. Anne is professionally an art teacher where she conducts art classes at the Apex Learning Centre in Seattle, which is a fantastic and very prestigious organisation, preparing children for collage, work and life. She also teaches children privately, giving students that extra help to improve and become a fantastic artist. During university she studied English Literature and has an innate talent for writing, as well as a huge passion. Her debut book, Heartless, has had some fantastic reviews and as a debut book it has received huge amounts of praise as a Christian fantasy tale. Expectation is now high from this young writer and her next installation is imminent after the successes of Heartless.