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In Step With God

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Understanding His Ways and Plans for Your Life
What is God like? Can I trust Him? Does He know me and can He help me tackle the challenges I face?
There is a good chance you do not know God the way He desires and certainly not the way He knows you. Most people know a little something about Him, but their knowledge of who He is and how He works stops just past the point of an initial introduction.
Why is it so important to know the One who knows all about you? The answer is simple: when you come to a point where you understand His ways, your life takes on new meaning. You stop looking at old problems and feeling defeat, fear, and anxiety. Suddenly, you realize that the Person who gave you life and breath is also the One who has set an amazing course for your life to follow.
'In Step with God' offers steps that lead not only to a deeply personal relationship with Jesus Christ but also provides the insight you need to live each day. In a simple, clear way Dr. Charles Stanley, one of America ’s most loved and trusted pastors, encourages and challenges you to approach life and its decisions —both big and small —by first knowing and considering God ’s character. Inside you will learn how to
- gain greater intimacy with God
- understand how He uses trials to build you up
- learn the signs of God ’s goodness in day-to-day life
- cling more firmly to His love and forgiveness
- discover God ’s relentless commitment to your well being.
'The nearer I draw to the Lord,' writes Dr. Stanley, 'the more I will know about Him —His love for me and His good plans and desires for my life. Plus, the more intimate I become with God, the better I understand His ways, and this understanding leads to a deeper longing to know God better. I learn how to discern His will not only for my life but also for the situations I encounter.'
240 Pages.