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Let Me Tell You a Story

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Challenging, inspiring, and humorus observations on life from Tony Campolo's unique point of view.

Vivid. Passionate. Witty. Poignant. No one tells a story like Tony Campolo.

Why stories? Stories have the power to sneak up on us, catch us unaware, and in the process draw us closer to our fellow human beings . . . and to God. And when Tony Campolo tells a story, we are captivated and entertained by the amazing characters and situations he describes.

  • You ’ll laugh (or wince) at how one particular missions offering was raised.
  • You ’ll feel the tragedy of a friend Tony didn ’t stand up for.
  • You ’ll thrill to the “Sunday ’s comin ’ ” sermon.
  • You ’ll be moved when you learn about the childhood event that caused Bishop Tutu to become a priest.

These are stories of hope, doubt, faith, failure, and triumph. Of people standing up for justice, showing mercy, and living for God. But don ’t just expect to be entertained by Tony Campolo —though you will be. He just might change your heart and your life ’s priorities.

Listen well. You might overhear God talking to you.