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Pastors in Transition

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Engagement in ministry as a life vocation necessitates adapting to change. Most pastors transition from one ministry location to another several times over their vocational journey. Crossculturalministry involves frequent transitions from one opportunity to another.These transitions may be for very good reasons or a response to conflict or tension. In either case theyactivate responses that are often difficult, confusing, or painful. The turbulence of change is challenging.This book identifies the challenges for pastors, missionaries, their family members and the recipients of their ministry. It explores helpful responses which can change the challenge and the pain into an experience of growth. We often cannot change the past experience but we can create the future we desire and which God desires for us by careful and prayerful openness to the Spirit of God and our community of faith. Change may be an opportunity for growth, development, revision of philosophy of ministry through becoming vulnerable to the ministry of the Spirit and others of faith. It can be much more than an experience of loss and grief. Each chapter is followed by questions for reflection and interaction. Biblical illustrations embed the discussion in a theological perspective. Maximizing learning and growth through dealing with the contributors to turbulence can maximize the understanding God desires us to gain. Change may become an adventure worth taking.