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Simply Jesus

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Tom Wright's refreshing rediscovery of the Jesus of the Gospels shows how the church's teachings about Jesus have become encrusted with doctrine, dogma and tradition. Sometimes it's so hard to see what the New Testament really says about Jesus, there's a danger that the impact of his message for today's world might be completely lost.

'Simply Jesus' is for anyone concerned with how the Church presents the central personality of the Christian faith today. Life-long Christians, new church members and anyone 'just looking' will find what Tom Wright has to say about the Jesus we think we know surprising, unconventional and even controversial.

Simply Jesus re-examines how the church should present the story and identity of Jesus of Nazareth to a world that desperately needs to hear his message. Tom Wright engagingly explores how Jesus' teaching is all about the Kingdom of God, how it's revealed in his life and work, and why that message is as subversive today as it was in first century Palestine.

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