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Spirit Wars

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Spirit Wars by Kris Vallotton is 'A deep personal story of demonic bondage, torment and deliverance...'.

Giving insight into the traps and subtle deceptions that might imprison the heart and soul, 'Spirit Wars' is a call to understand, engage and find victory in spiritual warfare.

Associate pastor at Bethel Church, Redding, and senior overseer of the Bethel School of Supernatural Misnistry, Kris Vallotton lost his father at 3 years old and suffered a childhood too painful to remember. At 20, Kris married the woman of his dreams and believed that his whole life was turned around for ever and laid out before him.

Stressful work and his wife's difficult pregnancy dragged him into a dark place until he became gripped in the fear that he must die. In his new book 'Spirit Wars' Kris Vallotton describes this as no self-created thought, but as an attack on his spirit. Tormented by demonic assaults, confused and all but overwhelmed, he actually contemplated suicide.

'Spirit Wars' recounts his three and a half year journey out of the long night of the soul. A journey through hell, panic attacks, pain, insomnia and intense fear. Written to give hope to anyone who, like Kris, battles to escape the desperate and painful cycle of fear and despair, Kris asks the questions:

- Is the devil really my biggest problem in the valley of despair?
- What part does the medical community play in the restoration of my inner being?
- Where are the tools to get out of the depths of fear and despair?

Giving you an insight into the thinking behind the School of Supernatural Ministry at Bethel Church, Redding, 'Spirit Wars' helps you understand the perception of demonic bondage, its causes and expression. The book provides a view of how the effects of demonic bondage might originate, be prevented, recognised and dealt with.