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Steps to Christ: Deepening Your Devotion to Christ, the Son of God Through Confession, Repentance, Biblical Faith and Great-spirited Prayer

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In thirteen chapters, Ellen G. White guides the reader to finding Jesus, by telling of the virtues and character required to enter God’s favor and attain a deeper connection with the divinity.

A celebrated and praised classic of Christianity, Steps to Christ offers a heartfelt and eloquent set of instructions for believers. Ellen G. White narrates experiences such as confession, the importance of repenting one’s sins, and looking to the life of Christ as an inspiration and model for a virtuous, Christian existence. We learn how to tackle moral quandaries and challenges in everyday life by using the Biblical scripture for guidance, while prayer can act as a catalyst for arriving at calm and virtuous decisions.

During her lifetime, Ellen G. White was most known for founding the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which remains a popular Christian denomination with many churches. American audiences also knew her for her writings on religious subjects, and for her frequent visions – a total of more than 2,000 in her lifetime. It was these experiences, which Ellen felt to be divine interventions and messages from God, that fueled the accomplishments which characterized her life.