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That's a Good Question!

by J John
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You know how the Bible says 'always be ready with an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have'? How would you fare when it comes to those who often ask the hardest and most perceptive questions….children?! Canon J John's new book, 'That's a Good Question!' answers thirty-two difficult and unusual questions and endeavours to give clear and concise answers in an easy to read format.

Example questions:

When was God born?
Why do people have different colour skin if we are all descended from Adam and Eve?
Were there dinosaurs on the ark?
What does God look like?
Who made God?
How can God listen to everybody's prayers?
Does God know when I've done something wrong?
How can Jesus fit in my heart?
Why does God let bad things happen?
Why do people die before they get old?
If God hears our prayers why don't we get what we ask for?
Will my dog go to heaven?

J. John originally had in mind to write this book for children aged from 8 to 11 years, but he received so much positive feedback from adults on the other titles in the Theology For Little People series, [Knowing God, The Easter Story & The Christmas story] who expressed their joy at reading the books to even younger children and also gaining for themselves a fresh understanding of these timeless Bible stories.

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