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The Spirit Of The Purple Cow

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Rediscover the real meaning of leadership, followership & how other mind-bending stuff can get your church growing.

James Galloway contends that a vital ingredient is missing from many churches - and this is robbing them of the potential for dynamic growth. No, it ’s not the art of great leadership. Rather it is the art of great “followship ”. A leader must model their vision and provide a good example to follow, but more important for health, growth and vitality is followers who really know how to follow.

Drawing from the biblical story of Jonathan and his armour bearer and the lessons learned from Breathe City Church ’s explosive growth over a short period of time, James guides us through the essential characteristics of great followship and presents a completely different paradigm for church growth. What does all this have to do with Purple Cows??? Read to find out!

“James Galloway is creative, courageous and compassionate. The Spirit of the Purple Cow and what God is doing at and through Breathe City Church is compelling and challenging. Read it out of curiosity – the breadcrumbs you pick up have the potential of multiplying. ” - CANON J. JOHN
176 pages.