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When Hell Invades The Churches

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When Hell Invades The Churches: An Expose of Redding Bethel and the New Apostolic Reformation reveals how the New Age has entered the church just as Dave Hunt warned in his seminal 1985 book, The Seduction of Christianity. Mr. Stunich has courageously exposed how New Age Temples like Bethel Church are masquerading as Christian churches and how a new breed of American entrepreneur, the pastorpreneur, is mixing business and faux Christianity in order to achieve great worldly success while leading millions of Christians dangerously astray and far from the narrow path that leads to salvation and into a new, experienced-based, contra-Scriptural religion masquerading as Christianity. Readers will be shocked to see how far Bethel has strayed from the truth yet still manages to deceive most of the world into believing that it is a Christian church. If you have any doubt that the great apostasy (falling away) predicted in 2 Thessalonians 2 is well underway, this book will dispel any doubts. This book peels back the curtain on the New Apostolic Reformation and lays bare how absurd its claims are that new apostles and prophets now guide the church while the movement spews out countless false prophecies and false claims of new revelations from God. But this book should be of equal interest to secular readers and all who wish to preserve the separation between church and state for this book exposes how a new form of faux Christianity seeks dominion over all human endeavors both public and private and in the process is causing both spiritual and temporal harm on a global scale.