Thebandwithnoname's Chip Kendall goes solo

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Chip Kendall (aka Chip K) was born in Florida but lived in Israel during his teens.

After moving to the UK, he spent 10 years touring the world as part of thebandwithnoname.

Now he presents youth programs on God TV and Cross Rhythms. After thebandwithnoname called it a day in 2010, Chip went solo and released his debut EP K is For Kendall

1. What’s life like post thebandwithnoname?

A lot has changed. It was great to serve with Innervation Trust and thebandwithnoname but it was really obvious to us all that the project was coming to an end. I had about 2 months when I was slightly nervous whether things would take off afterwards but after that I was like “dude why didn’t I do this ages ago?” 

2. What has it been like going solo?

It’s been amazing. God has really provided. I left thebandwithnoname and made the band with my name! [Laughs] I love the other people in my band, they are absolute legends.

3. What was the reaction like to your first EP?

The story with K is for Kendall is I thought I would be insane to not have something available at the final bandwithnoname gig. So we very quickly put 5 tracks on K is For Kendall. It’s totally different stylistically all the way through.

The most negative response has been that it doesn’t sound like one act but a compilation disc. People are after something more cohesive. But at the same time it’s been a real plus for some people who say they can tell I’m not just a one trick pony.

Overall the reaction was great and people loved that it was a bit more melodic. Matt Redman and Martin Smith loved Coles Hill and said I should do more of that kind of stuff. The new project I’m even more excited about.

4. Will it be a full album?

The guy who I’ve got producing it says “you write 20 songs, come back, play me the songs and I’ll tell you if you’ve got an album or an EP.” [Laughs] We’re still in that songwriting process. I’m hoping for an album, so watch this space!

5. What's the aim of the Bible study guides you have written?

Young people might not have the desire or capacity to delve into the Bible but these Bible study guides can take chunks of the Bible and chunks of commentary from contemporary people and package it in a way that young people can digest.

It’s trying to build a bridge for young people to engage with the Bible. They are topically based on sexuality, following God and self esteem for example.

6. Are there more to come in the series?

Yes, they haven’t all been released yet. I think the best is still yet to come.

They are all finished now, but it was a real test of obedience for myself and my wife at the time - whether or not we would be able to take on something as big as that.

It’s 12 books, compiling, editing and actually writing original stuff for them as well. This was around the time that we were just having a little baby and I was still in thebandwithnoname. We were manic busy but we were like can we do this? Can we agree to a project this size? And we did!

7. What is Test of Faith Live?

I go into high schools with a DJ and a scientist. Everybody loves it because it combines faith, music and science. With thebandwithnoname we wanted it to be about music and faith but inevitably it would end up being science questions because they were some of the biggest hurdles for young people to have faith. “Science gives me all the answers why do I need God.”

I always thought wouldn’t it be great if I could take in a proper PhD scientist say "oh by the way they are a Christian", to dispel all of these theories that you can’t be a scientist and a Christian!

Just yesterday I was doing this with John Brian who is a professor of cell and molecular biology at Exeter University. This is probably the cleverest person I’ll ever meet! It’s such a joy to work with him and his testimony is great too. He doesn’t even call himself religious, which I love. He says “I’m best friends with a Jewish carpenter.” Some of his takes on difficult questions were so simple and the young people were really able to take it on board.

8. What do you want to communicate to young Christians?

One of my life sermons is that everybody has a unique voice and God requires of us as Christians to use our voice.

As Christians we have Jesus as our best example and he had a voice and he used it. For a lot of people they have a testimony but they don’t vocalize it or write it down. The Bible says it’s our secret weapon. "They overcame by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony." [Rev 12:11]

If we are able to give our testimony really quickly in a minute or two, that’s one of the best weapons we can have in our arsenal in terms of defeating the devil and witnessing and sharing the stories of what God has done for us.

9. What has God been teaching you recently?

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We’ve got two kids, Cole and Eden. As a Dad, everyday I feel like God reveals himself to me as a father. When I see my kids I have all these desires and ambitions for them but ultimately it’s their decision.

I’m walking this line of wanting to impress them but at the same time wanting to be a father to them and protect them and look after them. To win their hearts but at the same time shape their hearts to be incredible tools in God’s hands. 

It’s understanding day by day that intimacy comes first. Influence will come but if I can start with the intimacy then we can get to the influence. That’s what God has been showing me recently.

10. What is the best Christian book you’ve read?

I was really into Rebecca St James devotional series that she did when I was a teenager. But over the course of my whole life, probably the most influential is Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig. It’s just prophetic by nature and grabbed my attention. It put me in a position of recognizing the responsibility I had to model something great for my generation.



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this was a great interview amazing how much one man with a heart after god can do. Love his energy for life! Keep encouraging us all

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