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Below Me, The Clouds Paperback Book

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Climbing through solid cloud and breaking into a new world of sunshine and dazzling blue sky has been my delightful experience on numerous occasions. My life has been like that: living through clouds of war, fear, illness, disappointment, heart-ache, anxiety, failure and despair. I have, however, been lifted through them and above them - not by my own native wit, intelligence or wisdom, but by a Power outside of my limited being, yet discernable in history and in the rough and tumble of modern everyday life.
This book will encourage you to climb higher and view the ‘clouds ’ of your life from a different perspective and, in so doing, to be introduced to the most wonderful Friend who can bring you ‘out of darkness into His marvellous light ’.
“The author has provided an attractive account of a young man ’s progress and development professionally, domestically and spiritually. It offers encouragement to readers of all age groups. His ability to tell a good story and relate the challenges he has faced with honesty, humility and humour are particularly engaging. I commend this book gladly. ” Brigadier Ian Dobbie
“I have known the author for some time and knew that he had a reference outside of himself that was his reliable anchor in the storms of life. This book confirms that his faith in God, from his youth and throughout the rich tapestry of his life, was not misplaced and is a living testimony to the faithfulness of God. An inspirational read for young and old alike. ” Squadron Leader Bob Abbott MBE
315 pages