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Cat and Dog Psalms Value Pack

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For the absolute animal lover, this bundle of Cat Psalms and Dog Psalms will show you new ways you can inspired by your furry furry friends. Featuring:

Cat Psalms

"Cats help me pray," says Herbert Brokering. This collection of whimsical, insightful psalms, or prayers, is based on Brokering's observations of cats he has known through his life - farm cats, house cats, alley cats.

Each psalm expresses an observation about a cat's nature, written in the "voice" of the cat, followed by a prayer in which the human spirit speaks of its cat-like nature to God.

Cat Psalms is for those who wish to pray more deeply, with more imagination and understanding, and offers fresh ways to see ourselves and new ways to pray.

Dog Psalms

"I know dogs in my life the way I know people and cats and trees and landscapes. Dogs help me shape my thoughts, feelings, and prayer life.

Dogs have taught me attributes I feel in myself when reflecting and praying. 

Dogs have shown me the spirit of being loyal, glad, overwhelmed, protective, committed, vigilant, patient, kind, energetic, discerning, forgiving. Unfolding these attributes of dog life opens my own spiritual being.

My relationship with dogs mirrors my relationship with God.

In Dog Psalms the reader can use a dog's attributes to speak to God.