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End Times

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It is the end of 2020 and we live in difficult time! Would you like to know the plan and purpose of almighty Father God for Mankind down here on Earth? If you would then it's time to read this short book, explaining, in simple terms, the above and much more (e.g. 'time', good versus evil, the Trinity of God). The book contains information on how various aspects of God's plan develop and includes my comments, background information, a list of important events which I believe must take place within a certain time frame and in a certain order etc. My written words and my three simple diagrams should help you unlock the Biblical meaning of God's plan, within His full amount of days allocated to Mankind on Earth, and help to shed light, in layman's term, on a fascinating but complex subject - a 'need to know subject' in these last days which we live in now!

Hopefully, you, as the reader, if you haven't already done so, will take the necessary action to align yourself with God - please read on and allow this short book to be not only a game-changer but, where still necessary, a life-changer! God will not force you to do anything but He will, in kindness and love, encourage you, in your heart, to get right with Him and walk with His Son, the Lord Jesus, on His pathway of His Light, Life and love.

Reader, I beg you to read on and let the page unfold before you - you decide for yourself! You'll find, in the book, a list (A to G) of events that will soon take place as God (not man) moves things on to His next stage.

Ready? .... Steady .... GO! .... Read on!!