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God's Heart Explodes CD

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God’s Heart Explodes is a collection of 13 brand new songs including the singles Nothing Can Separate and Goliath. The album is a diverse mix of songs and styles with influences from jazz, soul, pop and gospel, woven together into a record that is sensitively and creatively captured by Lucy’s talented band of musicians and singers. Featuring guest vocals from Matt Redman, Wayne Hernandez and Mitch Wong and featuring co-writes with Casey Moore (Leeland), Jonathan Jay (Housefires) and Mark Alan Schoolmeesters (Common Hymnal) this is an album that draws upon numerous musical influences and ways of understanding our walk of faith.

Lucy says: “God is expansive, limitless, unfathomable. With this album I so passionately wanted to touch upon the many different expressions, emotions and experiences that I’ve had on my own journey of faith and to make a record that was honest about that process. This isn’t a one sound fits all album. It’s an album that invites the listener in, regardless of their background to honestly explore and consider their own relationship with Jesus.”

The core message of the album is the centrality of the cross in our lives. The idea of God’s heart exploding is a direct reference to love of God that we most clearly see demonstrated on the cross as Jesus dies the most excruciating death for all of us - Jesus on the cross takes the love of God from abstract thought to hard gritty reality and demonstrates the highest form of love ever possible. Jesus on the cross is the blueprint for love. This album is a journey of reflection on that love - a love that we experience not just through celebration and joy, but also in our places of deep pain and lament.

A fresh sound for the contemporary worship and gospel space, Lucy's writing is thoughtful and the production is full of musicality. The songs on the album range from congregational to personal and reflective to give the listener a rich experience.

Lucy concludes: “I really hope that this album allows people to connect with joy and beauty, to enjoy some really good music, and to have an honest conversation with God that leads to a deeper understanding of His love for them and for the world.”