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If We Never Meet Again (Ats) (Pack Of 25)

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IN THIS FAST PACED WORLD, IT S LIKELY OUR PATHS MAY NEVER CROSS AGAIN. So what if they don t? In a world of cheap promises of wealth, health, and happiness, I ve discovered something that has made a lasting difference in my life and I d like to share it with you. You don t need to be somebody special to make this discovery yourself. I m just an ordinary person. But one day I found that there was something more to life than living for weekends, working a lifetime to stay ahead of bills, growing old, and finally . . . death. OUR PURPOSE FOR BEING HERE From the beginning of time, according to a special book called the Bible, life was meant to be a richly satisfying experience. The purpose of life even included friendship with God himself! In fact, God created man and woman to enjoy his friendship in a perfect world of love and trust. God created humankind in his own image (Genesis 1:27). He shared with them qualities similar to his own intelligence, conscience, personality, speech, the ability to choose. The things that still give our lives meaning today. Despite a great start, there came a time when the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, chose to go against one of God s instructions to them. The consequences were immediate. Their sin the choice to disobey God broke their once-close friendship with him (Genesis 3). Even worse, sin s eventual result was physical death. And death opened the door into sin s final outcome, eternal death, separation forever from God. And from their day to ours human history can be summed up this way: