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Not A Tame Lion

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Hilary Brand's Lent course 'Not a Tame Lion' opens up the Bible using the popular Narnia films and their underlying Christian message. Movie lovers who might never otherwise open the Bible may well be attracted to a discussion group centred on the Narnia films and on the bio-pic of their author, C S Lewis.

The course gives you the leadership resources for five group sessions exploring the first two Narnia films' stories and characters as they look forward in hope to Aslan's coming, his arrival, their loss, his glorious return and their inability to contain or tame him.

The five group sessions are titled:

  • Living in the shadows
  • Living with the beyond
  • Living with the unexplained
  • Living with what we've been given
  • Living with absence

Each session's themes reference the Bible material and the relevant words of Jesus through extracts from 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe', 'Prince Caspian' and the bio-pic of the author C S Lewis 'Shadowlands'. An additional session 'Living in a sceptical age', sensitively explores disbelief and how to deal with our own and others' personal doubts.