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Paul the Emissary DVD

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The early first century followers of Jesus were a small, struggling group within Judaism who seemingly posed no threat to anyone, certainly not the mighty Roman empire.

But there was one determined to see this fledging faith exterminated. His name was Saul and he became the greatest persecutor of the early church. But within a matter of a few years, the Christians fiercest opponent became their most effective advocate. Struck down by a powerful conversion experience on the road to Damascus, Saul -- his name changed to Paul - went on to become the greatest missionary in the history of Christianity. He went on to write more of the New Testament books than any other.

In this impressive drama starring Garry Cooper we follow Saul the angry zealot to Paul the servant of Christ who will pay any price to bring his message to the world.

Scene Index
Disc 1 -- Paul the Emissary
1. Stephen's Martyrdom [2:08]
2. The Road to Damascus [3:33]
3. Ananias Heals Saul [1:16]
4. Paul Begins Preaching and Healing [2:16]
5. Greeks Worship Paul and Barnabas - Paul Stoned in Listra [1:47]
6. Jerusalem Jews Conspire Against Paul [1:29]
7. Eurodia Confronts Paul [3:43]
8. Paul and Silas Imprisoned - Prison Guard Accepts Jesus [5:53]
9. Paul Escapes Angry Mob in Macedonia [2:04]
10. Paul Preaches to Greeks in Anthens [3:05]
11. Paul Heals Dying Son of a Sorcerer [3:10]
12. Paul and Silas Attacked - Paul Under Hous Arrest [3:05]
13. Paul Speaks to Pontius Festus and King Agrippa [5:48]
14. Shipwrecked on the Way to Rome [7:01]
15. Paul's House Arrest and Execution [2:48]
16. Closing Credits [3:20]

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Special Features
- English Sub-Titles
- No Sub-Titles
- English
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- Hebrew
- Arabic
- Russian
Actor Biographies
- Gary Cooper
- Carrie Dobro
- Ed Wasser
Reflective Questions
Bonus Movie: "I, Paul"

This is a Region 0 DVD and will play on all DVD players. Run time 54 minutes
Languages include English, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic