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Pens Special Easter

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All your children's favourite Pens friends learn that even through the winter God has planned for spring to come! New life comes back to the Pens' garden and through this every-year miracle they they learn that although Jesus died, He too came back to life and offers eternal life.

This short story is followed by seven days of child-friendly Bible readings, thoughts and prayers, based on the events of the final week of Jesus' life. 'Pens Ester Special' takes your children on the journey from the ride into Jerusalem, through the Last Supper, Gethsemane on to the trail to Jesus' death and resurrection. This colourful and easy to follow Easter devotional for children helps young children understand the true meaning of Easter.

An ideal way to give children a Holy Week course of their own that they can follow while you follow your own adult Lent and Holy Week devotions. Opens the Bible and Easter story in a way that gets children into personal Bible reflection they'll value and enjoy.