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Power In Plants Treasure Hunt Dvd

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God demonstrates His magnificent workmanship throughout creation. From mankind to mountains, from trees to turtles, from bears to butterflies, God's handiwork is truly amazing. A flower splits the sidewalk. A tiny sprout cracks the foundation of a house. You may not realize it, but plants work nonstop! Unfortunately, it happens too slowly for humans to see with the naked eye. So we've used the development of time-lapse photography to reveal the mysterious mechanisms behind The Power in Plants in this one-of-a-kind presentation. Whether you find them in the deepest cavern or the nearest salt shaker, or a deep, dark cave, crystals are a treasure worth hunting for. Treasure Hunt will show you how these architectural masterpieces are pieced together. What starts as only a drop of water expands and hardens over time into beautful crystals. Treasure Hunt will help you gain a new appreciation for the careful way God has crafted these miracles of His material world.