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Rhythms of Renewal

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Anxiety, depression, and stress-related health issues run rampant in modern America. According to the American Institute of Stress ("AIS"), 77% of the population regularly experiences physical symptoms associated with stress, 33% report living with extreme stress, and 48% indicate that stress has a negative impact on their personal and professional life. The AIS estimates that the aggregate cost to employers of stress-related healthcare expenses and missed work is $300 Billion annually. What's more, according to the National Alliance of Mental Illness ("NAMI"), 18% of American adults currently suffer from an anxiety disorder, and some estimate that over 35% of the population will experience an anxiety disorder in their lifetime. The NAMI indicates that nearly 7% of the population struggles with chronic depression.

Rebekah introduced her experience with generalized anxiety and panic in Freefall to Fly and You Are Free. In Rhythms of Rescue, she shares how the "input rhythms" of resting and renewing, and the "output rhythms" of creating and connecting helped her overcome that anxiety and walk into healing and wholeness. Through stories, scripture, and practical application points, Rhythms of Rescue leads readers through a forty-day experience of those same rhythms, and provides them with a practical and holistic approach to quieting the inner noise that steals peace.

The practices contained in this book aren't meant to replace professional treatment for those who need it, but they can be used in conjunction with therapy to bring peace and renewal. Rebekah shows how simple acts like fasting from media (Rest), exercising (Renew), sharing a laugh (Connect), or recovering an old talent (Create) help us break the anxiety-inducing cycles of the world around us, and bring balance to our otherwise hectic lives. She then leads the reader into an interactive experience, inviting them to create a weekly plan so they can rest, renew, connect, and create in their everyday lives.

Rhythms of Rescue provides an approachable, household way of talking about sustained mental health. When read in conjunction with the companion pocket edition (a small leather bound, modern version of a promise Bible, a field guide of sorts to address fear, anxiety, doubt, worry and equip with perseverance, rest, strength and peace)—a work we hope to develop in conjunction with the publisher—readers will be equipped with practical daily practices and tips that help them find peace and strength.