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Sons Of Encouragement: Revised Edition

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'Sons of Encouragement' gives insight and reassurance to Christian men who often feel their sacrifice and contribution - especially to the church, is often overlooked or undervalued.

'Sons of Encouragement' is five action driven narratives from one of Christian literature's top selling writers. Each story shows how there's a vital gift, given by men in God's service, of encouraging, supporting and enabling others to play their part in God's greater story.

The five stories in 'Sons of Encouragement' give telling accounts of:

  • Aaron: the priest - without whose courage, Moses could not have faced Pharaoh.
  • Caleb: the warrior - by whose stirring words, God brought his people to Canaan.
  • Jonathan: the prince - whose humility saved the man who took his place as king.
  • Amos: the prophet - who heard God speak when the nation would not listen.
  • Silas: the scribe - who surrendered his wealth to write down God?s word.

Each story shows the courage and sacrifice given in answering perhaps the hardest call of all for a man: to serve without recognition. 'Sons of Encouragement' is an acknowledgement that sometimes a man is called to give everything, knowing his reward might not come until the next life.

Five essential accounts that treat with honesty what it means to be a man in God's service today. A reassurance to men committed to God, and a help to those in leadership to understand men and treat them with respect and sensitivity.

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