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The Extraordinary Life (Audio CD)

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What does the extraordinary life look like? When we look to the Bible we can see that it is in fact full of everyday people who God used to do incredible things. In this series Brian examines some simple yet eternal truths that invite an almighty God to do the extraordinary in our normal everyday lives.

Six messages include:

1. When Ordinary People See
Vision is about knowing who you are and what you're about. In this message Pastor Brian shares how we can find incredible vision for our lives when we begin to understand who we are in Christ and learn to embrace His plans and purpose for us.

2. When Ordinary People Give & Receive
Sharing from Jesus' parable of the talents Pastor Brian looks at the spirit behind each of the servants' response to the master - one that allowed the gift given to change their life and one that refused to.

3. When Ordinary People Serve
The Bible teaches that in order to be great we need to learn to be a servant. But serving isn't simply an act; it's a lifestyle. In this message Pastor Brian shares on the spirit of servanthood and how it unleashes the extraordinary into our world.

4. When Ordinary People Connect
No one should have to do life alone. We were never created to live in independence and isolation. In this message Pastor Brian teaches on the value of connection and God-given relationships.

5. When Ordinary People Pray
What makes prayer effective? In this message Pastor Brian looks at the importance of prayer and shares several keys toward how they can be effective through understanding the authority by which we pray.

6. When Ordinary People Are Filled With Joy
So often in life we can easily allow the joy to be knocked out of us. In this message Pastor Brian looks at the power of cultivating a spirit of joy and allowing that joy to become our strength amidst any circumstance.