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The Great Welsh Revival

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The Great Welsh Revival is a comprehensive first hand account of what happened when the  Holy Spirit Visited Wales.

The original version of this book was written by S B Shaw in 1905. Revised and updated by Darrel King, this work contains reports of people who witnessed the revival and saw people totally transformed by God in amazing ways. Here are three of those reports:

'I have just returned from a two days visit to the storm centre of the great Welsh revival which is sweeping over Wales like a cyclone... Already over 34,000 converts have been made. Note: Later accounts reported over 100,000 converts as the revival continued, and the great awakening shows no signs of waning.' - George T.B. Davis in the The New York Weekly Witness.

'In Cardiff... police reports show that drunkenness has diminished 60 per cent... The same thing happened at the Swansea County Court... and the magistrate said, "All the years I've been sitting here I've never seen anything like it, and I attribute this happy state of things entirely to revival!'" -  As reported in the London Methodist Times.

'Reliable information from experienced Christian businessman... show that the influence of the Welsh revival has been by no means overstated...' - Reported in the Belfast Witness.

S.B. Shaw chronicled many testimonies and reports that came forth from the Great Welsh Revival. He wrote: "...God is leading out His saints, and by His own right hand of power preparing the way for a general outpouring of His Spirit in this as in other lands, is blessedly manifest. To aid in this work, we have gathered together these various reports to the gracious and glorious revival now going on in Wales, believing that everywhere these reports go, God can use them to stir up other hearts to increase faith and prayer, and so hasten the coming of the glorious day for which we watch and pray."

'I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.' - Joel 2:28.

One of those sons was Evan Roberts, and God used him to bring salvation to untold thousands in his homeland during 1904 and 1905. Evan is a central figure in this book.

This book also contains information about the Welsh Revival of 1857-1858 and the Great Revival in Ireland of 1859.
280 pages