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New Wine's vision is to see local churches changing nations. To encourage a renewal of all things by uniting church members and their leaders, to understand and agree their vision so that, together, all individuals can work towards a new way of being God's people. To provide an effective way of engaging with God and his kingdom for every generation, acknowledging existing culture and evolving appropriately. To empower and equip leaders to live out and grow God's kingdom by teaching Spirit and Kingdom principles that can be applied locally to meet the needs of their community and church family.

New Wine does not insist on or promote one way of doing things nor advise everyone to use the same materials. Instead, they acknowledge the similarities and teach principles, allowing others to decide the most appropriate way to apply them in their areas of mission.

This MP3 (audio) USB stick contains the complete audio teaching of over 200 talks from New Wine United National Gatherings 2019 Week 1 in MP3 format for use at home or in the car.

Speakers include Jordan Seng, Ruth Bushyager, Paul Harcourt, Kate Coleman, Nicola Neal, Pete Greig, Sean Doherty, Gaby Doherty, Matthew Porter, Anne Calver, Cris Rogers, Archbishop Jackson Ole-Sapit, Amy Orr-Ewing, Miriam Swaffield, Krish Kandiah, Chris & Cat Sayburn, Pete & Nicki Sims, Simon Edwards, Bev Murrill, Nic Harding, Shaun Lambert, Will van der Hart, Becky Harcourt, Lin Button, Elaine Storkey, Simon Guillebaud, Andy Hawthorne, and Wil Horwood.

Full list of included talks:

Evening Celebration - The Arena

Sat 19.00 - Evening Celebration Arena - Sat by Paul Harcourt (NEWA00119)

Sun 19.00 - Evening Celebration Arena - Sun by Kate Coleman (NEWA00219)

Mon 19.00 - Evening Celebration Arena - Mon by John McGinley (NEWA00319)

Wed 19.00 - Evening Celebration Arena - Tues by Amy Orr-Ewing (NEWA00419)

Thu 19.00 - Evening Celebration Arena - Wed by Richmond Wandera (NEWA00519)

Thu 19.01 - Evening Celebration Arena - Fri by Miriam Swaffield (NEWA00719)

Evening Celebration - Impact

Sat 19.00 - Evening Celebration Impact - Sat by Kate Wharton (NEWA00819)

Sun 19.00 - Evening Celebration Impact - Sun by Shane Taylor (NEWA00919)

Mon 19.00 - Evening Celebration Impact - Mon by Anne Calver (NEWA01019)

Tue 19.00 - Evening Celebration Impact - Tues by Esther Swaffield-Bray (NEWA01119)

Wed 19.00 - Evening Celebration Impact - Wed by Becky Harcourt (NEWA01219)

Thu 19.00 - Evening Celebration Impact - Thu by Cris Rogers (NEWA01319)

Fri 19.00 - Evening Celebration Impact - Fri by Mike Royal (NEWA01419)

Evening Celebration - Hungry

Sat 19.00 - Evening Celebration Hungry - Sat by Esther Swaffield-Bray (NEWA01519)

Sun 19.00 - Evening Celebration Hungry - Sun by Krish Kandiah (NEWA01619)

Mon 19.00 - Evening Celebration Hungry - Mon by Emma Ineson (NEWA01719)

Tue 19.00 - Evening Celebration Hungry - Tues by David Stroud (NEWA01819)

Wed 19.00 - Evening Celebration Hungry - Wed by Paul Harcourt (NEWA01919)

Thu 19.00 - Evening Celebration Hungry - Thu by Miriam Swaffield (NEWA02019)

Fri 19.00 - Evening Celebration Hungry - Fri by Stephen Foster (NEWA02119)

Evening Celebration - Presence

Sat 19.00 - Evening Celebration Presence - Sat by Mark Melluish (NEWA02219)

Sun 19.00 - Evening Celebration Presence - Sun by James & Tasha Fletcher (NEWA02319)

Mon 19.00 - Evening Celebration Presence - Mon by Andy Baker (NEWA02419)

Tue 19.00 - Evening Celebration Presence - Tue by Anne Calver (NEWA02519)

Wed 19.00 - Evening Celebration Presence - Wed by Jonathan Oloyede (NEWA02619)

Thu 19.00 - Evening Celebration Presence - Thu by Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit (NEWA02719)

Fri 19.00 - Evening Celebration Presence - Fri by Chris Fox (NEWA02819)

Rise: Early Morning Bible Teaching

Sun 7.15 - Courage and Calling: Moses and the Exodus - unique by Ruth Bushyager (NEWA02919)

Mon 7.15 - Courage and Calling: Moses and the Exodus - broken by Ruth Bushyager (NEWA03019)

Tue 7.15 - Courage and Calling: Moses and the Exodus - ready by Ruth Bushyager (NEWA03119)

Wed 7.15 - Courage and Calling: Moses and the Exodus - reluctant by Ruth Bushyager (NEWA03219)

Thu 7.15 - Courage and Calling: Moses and the Exodus - resilient by Ruth Bushyager (NEWA03319)

Fri 7.15 - Courage and Calling: Moses and the Exodus - saved by Ruth Bushyager (NEWA03419)

Morning Bible Teaching - The Arena

Sun 9.15 - Discipleship: Building a life of Godly purpose by Jordan Seng (NEWA03519)

Mon 9.15 - Mindset: Faith is trying by Jordan Seng (NEWA03619)

Tue 9.15 - Method: Purpose every day by Jordan Seng (NEWA03719)

Wed 9.15 - Filled with the Spirit by Jordan Seng (NEWA03819)

Thu 9.15 - Miracle Work: How to Improve at the Impossible by Jordan Seng (NEWA03919)

Fri 9.15 - Supernatural conversation with God by Jordan Seng (NEWA04019)

Morning Bible Teaching - Impact

Sun 9.15 - The Simple Way - Sun by Nicola Neal (NEWA04119)

Mon 9.15 - The Simple Way - Mon by Nicola Neal (NEWA04219)

Tue 9.15 - The Simple Way - Tue by Nicola Neal (NEWA04319)

Wed 9.15 - The Simple Way - Wed by Nicola Neal (NEWA04419)

Thu 9.15 - The Simple Way - Thu by Nicola Neal (NEWA04519)

Fri 9.15 - The Simple Way - Fri by Nicola Neal (NEWA04619)

Morning Bible Teaching - Hungry

Sun 9.15 - Turning yourself inside out - evangelism by Sean Doherty (NEWA04719)

Mon 9.15 - Turning the church upside down - community by Gaby Doherty (NEWA04819)

Tue 9.15 - Turning life upside down - healing by Sean Doherty (NEWA04919)

Wed 9.15 - Turning opposition upside down - persecution by Gaby Doherty (NEWA05019)

Thu 9.15 - Turning your life upside down - baptism in the Spirit by Sean Doherty (NEWA05119)

Fri 9.15 - Turning the world upside down - mission by Gaby Doherty (NEWA05219)

Morning Bible Teaching - Presence

Sun 9.15 - Adoration prayers: The adventure of prayer by Matthew Porter (NEWA05319)

Mon 9.15 - Prophetic prayers: The adventure of prayer by Matthew Porter (NEWA05419)

Tue 9.15 - Thanksgiving prayers: The adventure of prayer by Matthew Porter (NEWA05519)

Wed 9.15 - Confession prayers: The adventure of prayer by Matthew Porter (NEWA05619)

Thu 9.15 - Intercession prayers: The adventure of prayer by Matthew Porter (NEWA05719)

Fri 9.15 - Relentless prayer: The adventure of prayer by Matthew Porter (NEWA05819)


Sun 11.15 - The Holy Spirit and prayer ministry 1 by John Peters (NEWA05919)

Mon 11.15 - The Holy Spirit and prayer ministry 2 by John Peters (NEWA06019)

Wed 11.15 - Keeping in step with the Spirit by Mark Aldridge (NEWA06119)

Thu 11.15 - Getting back to power evangelism by Mark Aldridge (NEWA06219)

Fri 11.15 - The transformational power of dreams, visions and prophecy by Liz Evans (NEWA06319)

Wed 14.30 - Worship leader panel by Worship leaders (NEWA06619)

Thu 14.30 - Worship in the wasteland by Chris & Cat Sayburn (NEWA06719)

Sun 14.30 - Devotions: The Presence by Tim Meathrel (NEWA06819)

Mon 14.30 - Devotions: The Practice by Kate Meathrel (NEWA06919)

Wed 14.30 - Devotions: The Prophetic by Ian & Ruth Dowsett (NEWA07019)

Fri 11.15 - Encouraging prayer in the local church by Eve Ridgeway (NEWA07119)

Fri 14.30 - The power of praise by Pete & Nicki Sims (NEWA07219)


Sun 11.15 - Can my life have meaning without God? by Lara Buchanan (NEWA07319)

Mon 11.15 - Does truth exist and does it matter? by Alex Stark (NEWA07419)

Wed 11.15 - In a world of 7 billion, what makes me special? by Simon Edwards (NEWA07519)

Thu 11.15 - Can I be good without God? by Simon Edwards (NEWA07619)

Fri 11.15 - If God is love, why suffering? by Simon Edwards (NEWA07719)

Sun 11.15 - Mission and community by Sean Doherty (NEWA07819)

Mon 11.15 - Leadership and every member ministry by Chloe Lynch (NEWA07919)

Wed 11.15 - Unchanging Gospel changing world by Philip Plyming (NEWA08019)

Thu 11.15 - Natural and supernatural by Christopher Bird (NEWA08119)

Fri 11.15 - Grace and truth by Rob Bewley (NEWA08219)

Sun 14.30 - God breathed by Eve Ridgeway (NEWA08319)

Mon 14.30 - Useful for training in righteousness by Malcolm Macdonald (NEWA08419)

Wed 14.30 - Where else can we go? Words of eternal life by Bishop David Williams (NEWA08519)

Thu 14.30 - Authority - the word vs experience by Stephen Carter (NEWA08619)

Fri 14.30 - Trustworthy and true by Greg Downes (NEWA08719)

Thu 11.15 - More panel by Multiple speakers (NEWA08819)

Fri 11.15 - The greatest show by Paul Woolley (NEWA08919)

Wed 14.30 - The gleaning of life by Pete Greig (NEWA09019)


Sun 11.15 - Just living by David Westlake & Esther Swaffield-Bray (NEWA09119)

Mon 11.15 - Reaching millennials - mission impossible by Ruth Perrin (NEWA09219)

Wed 11.15 - Joining with God in the renewal of all things by Rich Johnson (NEWA09319)

Thu 11.15 - Am I really a leader? by Liz Bewley (NEWA09419)

Fri 11.15 - Communicating to IGen about Jesus by Stephen Foster (NEWA09519)

Sun 11.15 - Open to God by Ian Parkinson (NEWA09619)

Mon 11.15 - Creating a culture of encouragement, risk & permission by Nicola Moy (NEWA09719)

Wed 11.15 - Building leadership teams by Mark Melluish (NEWA09819)

Thu 11.15 - Change management by John Hookway (NEWA09919)

Fri 11.15 - Leading ministry in the power of the Spirit by Paul Harcourt (NEWA10019)

Sun 11.15 - Introduction to church planting by Gareth Robinson & John McGinley (NEWA10119)

Mon 11.15 - Donors - for church leaders who want their churches to plant by Matthew Porter & John McGinley (NEWA10219)

Wed 11.15 - Doers - stories of being sent to plant a church by Ben Jones (NEWA10319)

Sun 14.30 - Mustard Seed - keeping inspired by a big vision by Yann Dubreuil (NEWA10419)

Mon 14.30 - Mustard Seed - disciples making disciples 1 by Nic Harding (NEWA10519)

Wed 14.30 - Mustard Seed - Matthew 28: 18-20 by Hilary Taylor (NEWA10619)

Thu 14.30 - Mustard Seed - disciples making disciples 2 by Nic Harding (NEWA10719)

Fri 14.30 - Mustard Seed - keep growing by Pete Atkins (NEWA10819)

Sun 14.30 - Charismatic leadership by John McGinley (NEWA10919)

Mon 14.30 - Creating a culture of expectation by Richard Moy (NEWA11019)

Wed 14.30 - Raising up leaders by Bev Murrill (NEWA11119)

Thu 14.30 - Creating a heart for prayer in your church by Malcolm Macdonald (NEWA11219)

Fri 14.30 - Leadership pain - handling criticism & conflict healthily by Tim Humphrey (NEWA11319)

Sun 16:00 - Safe, healthy & honest leadership by Simon Barrington & Justin Humphreys (NEWA11419)

Mon 16:00 - Making your church culture millennial-friendly by Simon Barrington (NEWA11519)

Wed 16:00 - Counter-cultural leadership by Abi Jarvis & Dave Landrum (NEWA11619)

Thu 16:00 - Transformational leadership by Abi Jarvis & Dave Landrum (NEWA11719)

Fri 14.30 - 7 principles for transformational leadership by Jossy Chakko (NEWA11819)

Thu 16.00 - We need to talk about race by Ben Lindsay (NEWA11919)

Thu 16.00 - Creating teams where men and women work well together by Lis Goddard, Kate Seagrave & Liz Graveling (NEWA12019)

Thu 14.30 - Legacy - faith that endures by Pete & Niki Sims (NEWA12119)


Sun 11.15 - Mindfulness of God and our wholeness by Shaun Lambert (NEWA12219)

Mon 11.15 - Mindfulness & stress by Shaun Lambert (NEWA12319)

Wed 11.15 - Learning to breathe - journeying with mental illness by Rachael Newham (NEWA12419)

Thu 11.15 - The power of belonging by Will van der Hart (NEWA12519)

Fri 11.15 - How to cope when you've got too much on by Will van der Hart (NEWA12619)

Sun 16.00 - Our story, God's story - in the beginning by Lin Button & Becky Harcourt (NEWA12719)

Mon 16.00 - Our story, God's story - childhood and beyond by Lin Button & Becky Harcourt (NEWA12819)

Wed 16.00 - Our story - God's story - life-changing events by Lin Button, Becky Harcourt & Nicola Neal (NEWA12919)

Thu 16.00 - Our story - God's story - desire and destiny by Lin Button & Becky Harcourt (NEWA13019)

Wed 16.00 - From death to life by Yvonne Richmond Tulloch (NEWA13119)

Thu 16.00 - Singleness by Kate Wharton (NEWA13219)

Mon 16.00 - Eating disorders - breaking free by Di Archer (NEWA13319)


Sun 11.15 - Created for connection 1 by Lindsay & Mark Melluish (NEWA13419)

Mon 11.15 - Created for connection 2 by Lindsay & Mark Melluish (NEWA13519)

Wed 11.15 - Mindful relationships by Shaun Lambert (NEWA13619)

Thu 11.15 - Understanding this generation: building resilient parents & children by Ian Soars (NEWA13719)

Fri 11.15 - Parenting teenagers in an anxious culture by Kate Middleton (NEWA13819)

Sun 16.00 - Living life on the edge by Paul Bryant (NEWA13919)

Wed 16.00 - Will the real me please stand up? by Mark Melluish (NEWA14019)

Mon 16.00 - Brokenness & restoration by Elaine Storkey (NEWA14119)

Thu 16.00 - Wholeness & flourishing by Nadine Parkinson (NEWA14219)

Wed 16.00 - Reconciliation and peacemaking by Wes Sutton (NEWA14319)


Sun 11.15 - Tackling the injustice of religious persecution by Mervyn Thomas (NEWA14419)

Mon 11.15 - Peace-building and prayer in a hurting planet by Mariam Tadros (NEWA14519)

Wed 11.15 - A rubbish seminar about a plastic planet by Jack Wakefield (NEWA14619)

Thu 11.15 - Together we can end slavery by Esther Swaffield-Bray (NEWA14719)

Fri 11.15 - Saving lives in humanitarian emergencies by Neil Casey (NEWA14819)

Sun 14.30 - Who is my neighbour? by Rita Rimkiene (NEWA14919)

Mon 14.30 - We are family by Tim Morfin (NEWA15019)

Wed 14.30 - What would Jesus say about addiction? by Ed Walker (NEWA15119)

Fri 14.30 - What if Wilberforce had just opened a clinic for injured slaves? by Pat Finlow (NEWA15219)

Sun 14.30 - Dealing with traumas every day by Liz Fell and Dan Petrie (NEWA15319)

Mon 14.30 - Can we do faith in schools? by Angela and Danny Anteryki (NEWA15419)

Wed 14.30 - Seeking revival on Wall Street by Aaron Morris (NEWA15519)

Thu 14.30 - Faith in the arts industry by Phil Buck (NEWA15619)

Fri 14.30 - Faith in government and God by Emily Antcliffe (NEWA15719)

Sun 16.00 - Good news to the poor by Jon Swales (NEWA15819)

Mon 16.00 - Liberty to the captives by Ed Walker (NEWA15919)

Wed 16.00 - A garland instead of ashes - the mantle of praise by Jon Biggin (NEWA16019)

Thu 16.00 - They shall rebuild…repair the ruined cities by Arani Sen (NEWA16119)

Mon 16.00 - The Bible & supernatural politics by Andy Flannagan & Louise Davies (NEWA16319)

Sun 14.30 - Living dangerously by Open Doors team (NEWA16419)

Mon 14.30 - All ground is holy ground by Christo Greyling (NEWA16519)

Sun 14.30 - Fashion & the environment by Liz Resch & panel (NEWA16619)

Mon 14.30 - The church & the environment by Stephen Taylor (NEWA16719)

Sun 16.00 - Turn the silence off by Laura Brett (NEWA16819)

Fri 14.30 - Taking New Wine home by Kate Wharton (NEWA16919)


Sun 11.15 - Lego - more than just bricks by Murray Wilkinson (NEWA17019)

Mon 11.15 - Ideas for creative school assemblies by Geoff Lawton (NEWA17119)

Wed 11.15 - Engaging with refugee migrant communities by Svenja Powell & Domenica Pecoraro (NEWA17219)

Thu 11.15 - Sing along community by Dan Corcoran (NEWA17319)

Sun 14.30 - Communicating church in a digital culture by Mark Crosby (NEWA17419)

Mon 14.30 - Navigating the new terrain by Nathan Dennis (NEWA17519)

Wed 14.30 - Whole-of-your-life discipleship by Cris Rogers (NEWA17619)

Thu 14.30 - From heart of stone to a heart of flesh by Cris Rogers (NEWA17719)

Fri 14.30 - Your hands are not your own by Cris Rogers (NEWA17819)

Sun 14.30 - Why Christian fiction matters by Jessica Gladwell (NEWA17919)

Mon 14.30 - Searching for the new Narnia by Toby Hughes (NEWA18019)

Wed 14.30 - Creating for the mainstream - from a whisper to a shout by Alex Marestraing (NEWA18119)

Thu 14.30 - Creating for the mainstream - outside voices by Alex Marestraing (NEWA18219)

Fri 14.30 - Creative excellence by Bernard Bannor (NEWA18319)

Fri 11.15 - Street club - pop up community by Chris Penfold (NEWA18419)

Sun 16.00 - Growing as a disciple-making disciple by Chris Fox (NEWA18519)

Mon 16.00 - Principles to disciple children by Mark Griffiths & Joanne Foster (NEWA18619)

Wed 16.00 - Luminosity - the vision by Lee Kirkby (NEWA18719)

Sun 16.00 - Improvising with God 1 by Eve Ridgeway, Ned Lunn & Mike Perkins (NEWA18819)

Mon 16.00 - Improvising with God 2 by Eve Ridgeway, Ned Lunn & Mike Perkins (NEWA18919)

Wed 16.00 - Developing a culture of vocation by Andrew Watson (NEWA19019)

Thu 14.30 - Taking to the streets! by Simon Guillebaud (NEWA19119)

Fri 14.30 - Frontline - reach out by Andy Hawthorne (NEWA19219)

Wed 14.30 - Evangelism in the ordinary by Lizzy Robinson (NEWA19319)

Accessible Church

Sun 14.30 - Radical hospitality - welcoming vulnerable children into church by Krish Kandiah (NEWA19419)

Mon 14.30 - Autism, ADHD & the church community by Naomi Graham (NEWA19519)

Wed 14.30 - Supporting carers of children with mental health needs by Ian Soars (NEWA19619)

Thu 14.30 - Anxiety, depression and church community by Will van der Hart (NEWA19719)

Thu 16.00 - Accessibility - reflecting God's welcome by Naomi Graham (NEWA19819)

Fri 14.30 - Chronic illness & church community by Kate Middleton (NEWA19919)


Sun 11.15 - Japan: Ready to follow Jesus? by Matt Tindale (NEWA20019)

Mon 11.15 - Christianity in China today by Martyn Wells (NEWA20319)

Mon 14.30 - Modern slavery: how can you respond? by Jared & Helen Hodgson (NEWA20419)

Mon 16.00 - I See You by Emma Worrell (NEWA20519)

Wed 11.15 - Following Jesus in every area of life by Rodney Aiken & Marc Stamatiou (NEWA20619)

Wed 14.30 - Healthy short-term mission by Will Horwood (NEWA20719)

Wed 16.00 - Faith in later life and why God designed old age by Carl Knightley & Louise Morse (NEWA20819)

Thu 11.15 - How God is bringing healing to the poor by Darren Richards (NEWA20919)

Thu 14.30 - Kingdon transformation amongst the Massai by Hennie & Becca Marais (NEWA21019)

Thu 16.00 - Iraq - weeping stories and hope by Mark Calder & Jamie Eyre (NEWA21119)

Fri 11.15 - Transform your ministry with evidence by Samuel Verbi & Ben Winkley (NEWA21219)

Fri 14.30 - Conflict, poverty & persecution by Rachel Fadipe (NEWA21319)