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Youth Bible Study Guide: Peer Pressure

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Compiled from the best writing from the best writers for mid and late teens, This book gives you four ‘life lessons’ on peer pressure – what it is, the dangers of giving in to it, what the Bible says about it and how to overcome it – all in the context of the real world of today’s youth culture. With active study tools including ‘ticking the reaction box’ and ‘taking a reality check’, the short direct studies encourage you to stay involved in the what the book is trying to say.

Never preaching it up or dumbing it down, the Chip and Helen look at the issues from all sides and then give the Bible’s view and offers stories and evidence from real people who’ve ‘been there and done that’ with the aim that young readers will be better able to make sound decisions based in what the Bible says is best.

The youth focused study series looks the part with vivid, striking youth covers that match the match the energy and impact of the content.



THEME: Everyone experiences peer pressure. All of us are its victims – it’s just part of growing up. People all around us are into bad stuff, but no-one wants to feel excluded and lonely. Fortunately – that is to say, by God’s grace, the Bible is full of stories of men and women who battled peer pressure and give us examples of how we should deal with peer pressure today.

LEAD BIBLE REFERENCE: “Dear friends, you are like foreigners and strangers in the world. So I beg you to keep your lives free from the evil things you want to do, those desires that fight against your true selves. People who don’t believe are living all around you. They may say that you are doing wrong. So live such good lives that they will see the good you do and they will give God the glory on the day he comes. (Peter 2:11-12)”

– Influences
– Intimidation
– Insecurity
– Individuality
– Independence
– Invovlement



The Bible is full of stories of young men and women who battled with peer pressure. When the pressure was on they either stood their ground or caved in miserably. Either way, their lives are examples of how we should or shouldn't deal with peer pressure today. This study looks at these characters and the 6 'Ins': Influences, Intimidation, Insecurity, Individuality, Independence and Involvement, and how each contributes to the way we deal with peer pressure.

The Youth Bible Study Guide: Peer Pressure is one of a series of study guides for young people designed to be used alongside the Youth Bible, Easy-to-Read Version. It contains insights from a number of well-respected authors and has been compiled by Chip and Helen Kendall.



Chip and Helen are experienced youth leaders, musicians (thebandwithnoname), performers (Allegiance Dance Crew) and broadcasters. The Manchester based coupleÂ’s youth focused Bible study series is both direct and compassionate on the issues facing todayÂ’s teenagers.

Chip and Helen's series of guides cover hot topics inlcuding Image and Self-Esteem, Following God, Sexuality, Peer Pressure, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, Church Prayer and Worship.