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1 Peter: Cover to Cover Bible Study

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In today's world there are many who are unsure of who they are and how they fit in. Others are desperately seeking their roots in order to have anchor points in their lives.

Peter is aware that the Christians he is addressing are struggling to come to terms with who they are in Christ and to whom they belong. Throughout the letter he encourages them to remember that they are refugees in a hostile environment but that, despite the outside pressure of their pagan neighbours, they belong to God because they have been bought with a price.

The letter also contains practical advice about relationships. How do you live a respectful life as a slave when you are being abused and beaten by your master? What responsibilities do we have as citizens towards those who are in authority over us? What does harmony in marriage mean? And how do we handle unjust suffering?

Ultimately, Peter shows us that even though we may feel beleaguered, if we love and follow Christ we can not only have hope, but we can become eloquent witnesses to His power as we share the reason for the hope which we have within us.

Seven sessions with icebreakers, discussion starters, leader's notes and more - ideal for individual or small-group use.

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