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Principles and Benefits of Change

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Change happens to us. It's measured in gains or losses: you find a spouse or lose a loved one; you receive a promotion or lose a job.
Change happens around us. It's marked by natural and social factors: a good harvest, a natural disaster; an economic boom, a stock market plunge.
Change is initiated by us. It's weighed by its outcome: you make a decision that improves your life; you make a choice that shatters your dreams.

Transitional tides-whether personal or cultural-can bring on stress, confusion, and even panic. Only a small percentage of people respond to change in truly effective ways. Yet how we deal with change determines whether it will ultimately be a positive or negative force in our lives. Best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe explains how we can tap into the positive power of change-no matter what the source of that change-enabling us to thrive while fulfilling our God-given purposes in life.

Through this book, you can discover how to...
• Be an active part of change rather than its victim.
• Be free of fear during unsettling times.
• Find direction and purpose in periods of transition.
• Maximize the benefits of change, whether personal or societal.
• Be proactive in pursuing your purpose, against all odds.
• Let God-ordained change be initiated through you to the world.
• Live in confidence and peace, despite outward circumstances.
• Prepare effectively for all types of change.
• Embrace seasons of change in your personal life.
• View times of transition from God's perspective.
• Find tremendous opportunities for personal growth and fulfilment.

Change comes to all of us-whether we prepare for it or not. Don't let it derail you, but discover the principles that enable you to put the positive power of change into service in your life.