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Romans: A Theological Commentary on the Bible

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"Christians may not have shared the details of the particular situation of the Roman followers of Jesus, but they have shared for centuries the concern about what faith means for life, and they have turned to Paul to understand what it means to be faithful to our faithful God." -from the introduction For centuries, the apostle Paul's reflections in the book of Romans have shaped Christian thinking about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how we can be faithful to the gospel. Key theologians including Augustine, Luther, Wesley, and Barth have wrestled with Romans and listened to it, understanding it in relation to questions of their own times. In her theological commentary, Sarah Heaner Lancaster helps us hear Romans anew for today. She considers major elements such as the old and new perspectives on Paul, justification, the relation of Jews and Christians, Empire, and disagreements in the church. Lancaster helps us recognize the importance of the letter during the time it was written, as well as its ongoing meanings now. Paul's insights go beyond the pragmatic to the theological, which gives Romans its enduring significance and ongoing value.
Lancaster's excellent commentary helps us for preaching, teaching, and worship to hear Paul's message afresh and to be strengthened and challenged in our Christian faith.